Information for Choir Members

2020 AGM

Our AGM will be held on Zoom, preceded by a sing-along directed by Krista and Dan, who will be leading us in isolation, from their location. Knowing Krista, it will be a fun and meaningful introduction to our AGM, even while we will all be at our own home.

If this is news to you, but you would like to join, you are always welcome… Please contact

Click the link that Krista will send you next Tuesday, and join the fun.

We have big plans for the coming year!


After our AGM, we now have a new Board.

These are our officers
President: Leslie Ann Stephen
Vice-President: Gerry Mills
Secretary: Carol Ann Hutchinson
Treasurer: Don Brooking

Other new Board Members are:
Publicity Coordinator: Leslie Ann Stephen
Web Manager: Leigh Smith
Photographer/Design: Heather Ingram-Kaiser
Ticket sales: Carol Harris, Bernice Pearce, and Jennifer Thornton
Music Librarian: Judith Appleton, Marilyn Morrison
Fundraising: Brenda Clarke and Lori Scott.
Avery Bain will continue managing the weekly 50/50 draw